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Multiple and recurring events
Multiple and recurring events

How to create multiple / recurring events in the CalendarLink app.

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If you want to create a series of events, you can easily switch to a recurring event after clicking on the 'create event' button. Simply select the interval of your event and when it ends (optionally).

Duplicating events

You can duplicate your first event to create a series of events in the same event collection. Go to the collection or dashboard and duplicate the event you want to copy.

You can share an entire collection at once and let users subscribe for updates! Or share each event individually.
Do you need to create a lot of events? Or a recurring event? You can automate your event creation with Smart Links or Zapier. Or just duplicate your events. And share multiple events all at once with your subscription calendar.

Note: By creating multiple events instead of one recurring event, you have the ability to update your upcoming events and change dates last minute (it will change in their calendars as well), without having to invite everyone again.

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