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Sharing events

How to share your events with the world.

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After creating your event, you'll find multiple options for sharing your event on the event page. You can:

Single event? Share the public event page

‍Simply copy & paste the 'public' URL and share it anywhere you want: on your website, email campaign or social media. Of course you can also paste this link behind your page or email builders' button, image or video etc.

Multiple events? Share the public collection page

Do you have multiple events / recurring events to share? You can also copy & paste the collection URL and share all upcoming events of your collection!

Your users can subscribe to all events at once or just add the events they want. They will receive updates of these and new events (this can take up to 24 hours, depending on their calendar settings) in their own calendar when subscribed!

You can optionally allow users to both 'Subscribe to all' and add a single event only.

Go to subscription calendars for more information about sharing multiple events.

Create a button for your website

Create an HTML button and copy & paste the code anywhere you want: on your website, email campaign or social media.

Direct Add-to-Calendar links

You can also let your users skip the landing page if you want to. Just copy & paste the direct Add-to-Calendar links code to show the links to each calendar directly on your website or in your email.

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