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Analytics for events
Analytics for events

How analytics for events work.

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Basic analytics

You can track the number of views or Adds-to-Calendar (attendees) of an event. You can also see to which type of calendar they added the event to.

When using UTM tagging while sharing your event, you can even view where your users came from, so you can determine which of your promotion campaigns worked best.


You can see and download a list of all your RSVPs. Go to event page and click on 'view registrations' to see all RSVPs.

For RSVP events, the same analytics as above is available as for other single events.

Active subscribers

If you've shared your entire collection, people can subscribe to your calendar. On your collections page you can find the number of active subscribers of a collection. 'Active' means that a calendar has retrieved the collections' events in the last 7 days.

For each single event within a collection, the same tracking is available as for other single events.

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